A made up reason why you will likely have to cut off an interaction with a woman in a short period of time, usually done to make her let her guard down knowing that in the worst case, you will only hang around for a short while.

"Do some research first, and get involved in the community if you can," Ghose says.

After we both take turns on it, Jason jacks on his giant cock till it spews all over my tummy. How long til the dicks start popping though the "g-holes"? And we all know Nikki will finish off her anonymous, new "friend" before making her way back out to the store to meet and greet all her fans!

Theory predicts that many apparently "stable" isotopes/nuclides are radioactive, with extremely long half-lives (discounting the possibility of proton decay, which would make all nuclides ultimately unstable).

The office of citizen is the highest office in the land.

We had nothing whatever in common, and I fled as soon as decently possible.

And there, it's just the two of you and anything can happen.

It said: ‘Brexit means the UK can set an example in standards of animal welfare that are long overdue in Europe.’The charity wanted to place the same advert in The Economist — the increasingly shrill Remoaner weekly magazine whose largest shareholder is Italy’s Agnelli family (founders of the Fiat car empire) and which perversely insists on calling itself a ‘newspaper’.