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Notably present at the dinner: representatives of the Trump administration. Lauder and Netanyahu, who have dodged on-the-record comment over their disagreements, were ready to dish to another wealthy philanthropist: Isi Leibler, the Australian travel agency magnate who retired to Israel and has become a prominent activist on its right wing.

In his column for on their conversations, Leibler related a lengthy harangue he delivered to Lauder in which Leibler described Abbas as “an inveterate antisemite” who speaks “with a forked tongue, portraying himself as a man of peace and moderation to the outside world while continuing to encourage religious hatred and antisemitism among his own people.”Leibler quoted Lauder as saying that he believes Abbas is ready to make “major concessions” toward peace, although he did not outline what concessions.

Two organizations that Adelson funds and that otherwise had been supportive of Trump, the Republican Jewish Coalition and the Zionist Organization of America, were critical.

Adelson is believed to be the first campaign donor to secure a seat on the dais during an inauguration. Adelson plowed tens of millions of dollars into the general election, both for Trump and other Republicans, and then at least another million, a record, into the inaugural festivities.Both are major supporters of Jewish and pro-Israel causes.The wrinkle is that Adelson and Lauder seem to be at odds on what they’re telling the president.Here’s a breakdown of the actors and their agendas.Spokespeople for Adelson, Lauder and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined to comment, and the White House did not return a request for comment.

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