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In the catalogue of bizarre videos and writings, he repeatedly mentions the scars on his hands and feet from where Jesus was nailed to the cross, while also declaring himself to be the 'most holy man'.'You see, many days ago Mr Brian Marshall sent me photographs of Him and the Most Holy Shroud of Turin - He actually looks so much like that of the Holy Image on the Shroud,' the alleged letter from Pope Benedict reads.'I was so penetrated with love and compassion from God that I requested a photo the I saw to be put in a place of honour somewhere.

He is the Most Royal Man Alive, The King of Kings... In addition to the letter, Mr Marshall stated former Pope Benedict planned to officially proclaim him the second coming in March, 2013, only to have the announcement foiled by Pope Francis, who he refers to as 'the anti-Christ'.

When the shroud was displayed, the present Pope Francis paused in silent prayer in front of the relic and called it an “icon of love”, endorsing Catholics to use it as impetus to reflect upon “the face of every suffering and unjustly persecuted person”.

He thus cleverly evaded the question of its authenticity (a trap which his predecessor fell into at one point).

In his memorandum from 1389 (quoted above) he famously raised doubts as to the veracity of the claims of its authenticity; concerns, which he shared with his predecessor, Henri de Poitiers.

Following this, the Pope instructed the people at Lirey not to present the cloth as the actual shroud of Christ, but rather as an image or representation of it.

As we well know, this battle for the minds and not the hearts of the faithful have never stopped.

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Leaving her and his kids and grand-kids to go be with this guy.'My mother-in-law and him have fought about this several times in the past. He's said he's going to leave before and it didn't happen.His family background suggests that he is the son of Grady Louis Mc Murtry who was head of the secret society Ordo Templi Orientis founded by Aleister Crowley.To add balance to this article I have included direct links to videos of interviews and discussions with Dr Mc Murtry so that readers can make up their own minds.Dr Grady S Mc Murtry describes himself as "Full-time International Creation Emissary, Biblical Scientific Creationist, Apologist" and operates the organisation called "Creation Worldview Ministries", based in Orlando Florida, which appears to have no other staff (according to their web site).Given his high profile in the UK on Revelation TV recently and his novel ideas on genetics, global warming and plate tectonics I thought I would check out his qualifications and record of scientific research in these areas.

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