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But what's clearer are its macro impacts on our social relationships.

People not only use smartphones more frequently; they're also changing the environments in which they use them.

View all Success Stories With many recent advances in the field of stem cell therapies, I believe it has enormous advantages in the future, especially for diseases which cannot be treated in the present day.

Cordlife was the most reliable and obvious choice to store my baby's cord blood." After your baby’s cord blood has been collected, your obstetrician or midwife will clamp and cut a segment of the umbilical cord.

According to a new set of surveys, one in five American adults between ages 18 and 34 now uses his or her smartphone during sex.

How, exactly, people are using the device during sex is unknown.

Published in the , the study conducted two sets of experiments in which participants carried out both an intimate and casual conversation — a discussion over plastic trees versus the year's most important events.The potential for stem cell therapy seem limitless at present.The proliferation of smartphones has now reached almost total saturation.So, the chances of a recipient’s body rejecting them are relatively low.Cord blood cells are more flexible, which is a unique quality that makes these cells extremely advantageous in treating a variety of illnesses.

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    As soon as the update is available from Apple it is available on every carrier.

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    The video became one of the highest circulated videos on the internet and cell phones.