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Thanks to HDR, it provides detailed and attractive colour images, even in the case of motifs with extreme differences in brightness, making it the ideal camera for professional use – for example, for daily news coverage.

Even shots under difficult lighting conditions such as direct sunlight, cast shadow or spotlight are no longer a problem with the Panono 360°.

"We walked past the shop about noon and saw that it was closed with a bamboo pole laid across the storefront," she said. About two hours later, they were approached by My Faiday's shop attendant and her friend at MBK.

The shop attendant of My Faiday had gone to the toilet. The friend, who owns a shop at Platinum, told TNP yesterday that they had sent out pictures of the girls from closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage to Line chat groups with about 1,000 retailers in Bangkok.

When Miss Low and her friend discovered they had been publicly shamed, they broke down and cried.

"It was so stupid of us to do what we did, and we truly feel remorseful for appearing as if we didn't treat the situation seriously," she said.

"We didn't understand what was going on because of the language barrier, but we were scared and knew we were in trouble," said Miss Low.

"A group, including some people who seemed to be the police, came later.

Rated "Best for photographers" out of 8 360° cameras (The Wall Street Journal).

Extremely high resolution, easy to use, fully automated stitching.

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