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— 940 of these I/O therapies are in clinical-stage development, with 1,064 in the preclinical stage.

The gold rush on I/O, though, is causing biopharmas and researchers to rush into trials where they haven’t done the science to check and see if they have a reasonable chance of success.

Here’s a simple set of facts with some complex implications.

There were 469 new PD-1/L1 cancer checkpoint studies launched this year, which require 52,000 patients to fully enroll all of them.

“It’s time to stop putting new science on top of the old infrastructure and do things differently.” Doing that is going to rely on more collaborative efforts in the industry and academia, and he is spearheading a move to do more of that at the CRI after raising the subject in cancer R&D circles.

Among the highlights of the CRI report: — There are 2,004 immunotherapy agents in development.

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