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During the Second World War in Honolulu, Hawaii, the red-light district was ablaze with sailors and soldiers about to ship off, and in the very center of this was Collins.His skill and prolific work helped make tattoos an art form in America rather than merely a permanent souvenir for drunken sailors.For example, the images of a pig and a hen were considered wards against drowning; both animals are not capable of swimming and according to superstition God would look down upon a shipwreck and see the image of an animal incapable of swimming, take the tattooed sailor into his hand and place them on land.Another example is the North Star (Nautical Star or compass rose); sailors had the belief that by wearing this symbol it would help them find their way home.However, if they later decided to join the navy they had to have a tattoo artist "dress" the woman.Norman Collins, better known as Sailor Jerry, was a prolific tattoo artist for sailors.Throughout history sailors were a very superstitious group and believed that certain symbols and talismans would help them in when facing certain events in life.

Additionally, Sailors with visible tattoos will be eligible for recruiting duty or duty leading Sailors at boot camp.It is believed that tattooing on European sailors originated with Captain James Cook's crew after he arrived in the Pacific.Sailor tattoos eventually became one of the attributes that identified a sailor.They are particularly favored among tattoo artists themselves.This returning trend is also seen in the increasing popularity of traditional Sailor Jerry designs, nautical tattoos and even clothing printed with stylized sailor tattoo images.

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