Dating sites for pastors

I had to learn that there were still people afraid to be in the church spotlight; and the idea of being in relationship with someone whose line of work straddled the fence of public and private was overwhelming for them.

I was reminded that we’re public figures like elected officials and celebrities which means our lives – though private as we may wish – are actually lived out in front of our congregations and communities.

As I made my way to my office to collect myself and gather my belongings a young lady cornered me and began to share her thoughts on the sermon.

When she invited a private conversation in my office that she may further detail why the message was so timely, admittedly, I was hesitant.

I’m certain, like me, many have wondered how marriage fits into this already full and exhausting schedule.

In fact, I’ve often pondered if it’s fair to bring someone into my life knowing the nature of my work and the strain it can place on relationships.

In my experience, when I’ve disclosed my line of work, the person I dated became uncomfortable with the idea of dyeing in relationship with a pastor or used me as a sounding board for theological query.

There were three things I immediately considered with respect to dating as a single pastor: From prior experiences, I recalled how people gravitated to me because of assumed privileges and perks of being in relationship with a pastor.But, it wasn’t until my second year of pastoring that I became aware of my loneliness. While sitting in the second chair shielded me from the full burden of the weight of ministry, I still shouldered a great share of the responsibility.I functioned in strategic planning, curriculum and ministry development and filled-in as the youth pastor.To avoid losing some potentially life-long and beneficial friendships, making the decision to date outside the church you serve is an opportunity to limit unnecessary anxiety.Following an inspiring sermon, congregants lined to greet me after service.

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