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It might occasionally, by the intense heat generated by the explosion,3 set fire to its surroundings when inflammable; but this was a mere incidental consequence of its action. When a musket or cannon was fired there was a bright flash, a loud, momentary report, and a large volume of smoke.4 When an incendiary missile was discharged from a machine there was no flash, but little smoke, and the only sounds were the whizzing and sputtering of the burning mixture and the creaking and groaning of bolts, spars, ropes, &c.:— the blazing contents of the incendiary shell doubtless gave out much light and made a considerable noise, as described by many early writers.

When an explosive shell reached its object there was, sooner or later (if it acted at all), an explosion, occasionally followed by a conflagration: an incendiary shell produced a conflagration only.

At times their descriptions are so meagre that it is difficult, if not impossible, to decide whether certain projectiles were incendiary or explosive.

At other times they abound in tropes and figures of speech which amount to an unintentional .

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In consequence of the change of meaning which many military words have suffered, no translation of passages in foreign books containing ambiguous words should be relied upon, if access to the originals, or faithful copies of them, can be obtained.

As an example of the necessity for this precaution, let us compare a few sentences relating to the siege of Jerusalem, 1432-50.

(2) But Joseph threwe out brennynge oyle uppon alle her gynnes and smoot all her gynnes (Trevisa).

(3) Titus perceyvenge that, sende furthe a sawte and schotte gunnes to the walles in so much that the hynder parte of the hedde of a man stondenge by Josephus was smyten by the space of thre forlonges (MS. D to cannon might be discovered in Trevisa’s translation of B and C, and the Harleian translation of A, C, and D would be put forward as proof positive of their use. The claims of the Arabs, Hindus, Chinese, and English are considered in Chaps. As the book is addressed to the officers of the Army, who seldom have a library at command, the authorities for the statements of important facts are generally given at length.

The claims of the Greeks to the invention of gunpowder are examined in Chap. On all controversial points, when a foreign authority is quoted the original18 is given as well as the translation.

The second difficulty arises from the change of meaning which many technical words have undergone in the lapse of years.

The Arabic word during the last quarter of the fourteenth century;—as a machine in the “Romaunt of the Rose,” 4176, as a projectile in the “Legende of Good Women,” 637, and as a cannon in the “Hous of Fame,” 533.

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