At 17, young Whitaker should have no problem coming into his own as a great young leading man in the future.

Nate Parker in a momentous breakthrough performance indulges the audience as Henry, the angry young college student dealing with the inequalities of African-Americans in the South.

New research by Kristof Veitschegger of the University of Zürich (Switzerland) will be presented at the annual Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting in Alberta, Canada, sheds additional light on the biology of this extinct giant.

Male cave bears had estimated average weights between 400 and 500 kilograms whereas female cave bears were smaller, with average weights ranging from 225 to 250 kilograms.

See more » In his sophomore effort, actor-director Denzel Washington has created one of the best films of the year, The Great Debaters.

But when he sets them down to go speak with his father, the spines are towards his right.The massive grinding molars and nitrogen-isotope data from its bones indicate that the cave bear was primarily herbivorous, with foliage its main dietary staple.Cave bears and people likely encountered one another occasionally.In the end it's the tenacious performance by the beautiful Jurnee Smollett that holds the emotional premise of the film together.Not only dealing the racial barrier, but the barrier of being a woman, a woman running away from her past and trying to settle into a world dominated by the differences of her own.

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