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In egestas augue metus, at ullamcorper sem tristique nec. They encourage the youth to evaluate on sexual health from a variety of perspectives. Through different intervention methods and education programs, we aim to make them understand the importance of practicing safer sex and to carry out early testing in order to understand their own physical status.

We hope to promote correct sexual knowledge, safe sex, STD testing and latest information from AIDS Concern though internet outreach.Launched in 2008, our preventive measures for cross-border male homexual target at the Pearl Delta with a focus in Shenzhen.With a closer connection between China and Hong Kong (Guangdong province and Shenzhen), sexual consumption increases.It also serves as a means for PLHIVs to express their feelings and for us to understand the community.The diversity of the Internet approach allows us to conduct outreach to various community groups.

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