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'And the Twitter user 'Ghostly Bree asked: 'Where do you live, Kevin?! 'People have been actively sharing photos from Pumpkinferno' as well, and some other standout images see a team of hockey players made out of pumpkins and famous paintings, including the Mona Lisa and American Gothic.

Most people don/t know it but in Ontario we have a choice where we get our electricity from.

Random House never told me pumpkin carving was the secret to social media,' he wrote.There are plenty of Hydro One customers already paying 25 cents a k Wh so how far off can net-metering be?The message as always is, Get your application in now!The rate changes are supposed to reflect the changing economics in the solar industry but since our dollar has lost 20% of it's value this year, it hasn't worked out that way.On the world market there may have been some price reductions but here in Ontario where we have to buy things with CDN dollars that's not the case. Unfortunately like everything else in the energy sector, politics plays a huge role.

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