Invalidating credit cards

Her Magnuson-Moss claim survived a motion to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction in federal court even though she had paid only ,235.85 for the car, because she had also filed a fraud claim seeking 0,000 in damages and the fraud claim met the requirement for federal diversity jurisdiction.

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the plaintiffs asserted that the VMVWEA permits an extension of the limitations period if the claimant notifies the manufacturer of the nonconformities during the lemon law rights period as provided in section 59.1-207.13(C).

The Attorney General of the United States may bring a civil action to enjoin the offense and to collect any penalty awarded by the Secretary of Transportation The Virginia Automobile Repair Facilities Act (ARFA) sets forth requirements for automobile repair facilities’ contracts with consumers.

The Secretary of Transportation may impose a civil penalty of not more than ,000 for each automobile and not more than 0,000 in the aggregate.

A person transferring title to a motor vehicle must certify on the title either the cumulative mileage registered on the odometer or that the mileage is unknown.

The Comparison Price Advertising Act (CPAA) prohibits advertising a former price unless there is veracity demonstrated by the following: (i) the date of the former price is also stated in the advertisement; (ii) substantial sales of the item in the normal course of business were made at the advertised former price; or (iii) the former price that is advertised is based on the cost to the supplier plus the ordinary markup.

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