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Children her age find it hard to entertain themselves, but if you give them a tablet they will sit still for as long as you let them.‘Fyfa would choose the i Pad over her dolls and colouring-in books any day.We don’t let her play on it for longer than an hour at a time — I don’t think it’s good for her eyesight — but if we’re out having a coffee or in a restaurant and need the children to be quiet, we’ll give them our smart phones to play games on.’ Little genius: have the Andersons fallen for one of the biggest cons of modern parenting?What children really need up to the age of seven is real life in real space and real time.’For a growing number of tots, books have become little more than i Pads that don’t work.Among children aged two to five, 69 per cent can open a web page browser, yet only 20 per cent know how to swim.At seven months old, he adores the device, and happily taps away on the screen with his chubby fingers, popping bubbles in his favourite video game, or watching You Tube clips of animals, numbers and animated nursery rhymes.

On a walkabout at a technology event in New York recently, William confessed: ‘George has been playing i Pad games and loves them.’When those comments were reported, what surprised me was the absence of a slightest whisper of concern that a toddler, who hasn’t yet mastered language, has been so exposed to technology he already has favourite computer games. Instead of traditional playthings like train sets and dolls, computer tablets are fast becoming children’s favourite toys, and many parents see nothing wrong with it.Apple’s i Tunes store now stocks more than 800 apps for children.Then there is the growing list of accessories to make sure your little one doesn’t have to spend a moment away from a screen.Certainly, William’s hope that handing his baby son an i Pad is ‘a good way to each him the inner workings of electronics’ is as absurd as suggesting looking at the Mona Lisa will give you the skills to paint your own version.Indeed, many experts would say it simply proves that William and Kate have fallen for the biggest con of modern parenting: that giving children this kind of stimulation in the first three years of life will help them succeed in the future.

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