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The Christ Redeemer statue offers nice views of the city but is very touristy, with everyone taking the same photo (hands outstretched in front of the statue).

Sugar Loaf is nice but not impressive if you’ve already seen the Christ statue, which offers better venues of the city.

Friday is more crowded with mainstream music but Saturday rock nights are also good.

If you want to get the Brazilian samba experience, head to 20).

I invited Rabid to come back to us after a couple of weeks off to see if this was something that he could do or not, because the last time he was here he had some trouble performing.

Since the last time he was here, he landed a girlfriend, and is still very much broke.

It’s a small club with a house party feel that attracts a laid back crowd.Casual contact with a person infected with symptomatic rabies (touching unbroken skin or contact with non-infectious tissues or bodily fluids) cannot transmit the rabies virus to another person.Support the work and the website, it's critical to the fight - donate here.Rabid wasn’t very excited about 00 for sucking and getting fucked for that amount.To see how smart they were I offered them 00 to split between the both of them, but then they realized that it was still the same amount.

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