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WHITTEN: Content providers will have the ability to push two types of content updates with Xbox One: ones that are immediately mandatory like in Xbox 360 and ones that are optional.If you opt to not take an optional update, you can continue to play online and do the update at a later time.WHITTEN: Your home screen always has the five things you've done most recently to give you fast access to the games you play the most.Your library shows you every game and game add-on you own, digital and physical, whether or not you have it installed, sorted by what you've done most recently.While I can’t comment on the specifics of these two partners right now, at launch you will be able to access Twitter and Facebook through the Internet Explorer web browser on Xbox One at launch.WHITTEN: We are focused on building out a beautiful collection of 1080p gamerpics for our users on Xbox One. At launch, one of the things we will provide is the ability to add a friend to a favorites list, so you can keep up with both the broader set of people on your list and the people you play with most.

WHITTEN: In Xbox One you will find a consistent and powerful experience for tracking your own activity and progress in any game or app, as well as comparing your stats with the people you care about.

If you’re playing a multiplayer game like Battlefield and the developer pushes out a relatively large update while you’re playing, will it download in the background then kick everyone off later?

Or does it kick everyone off right away and you have to wait for the download to finish?

If I sign in to Xbox Live on my Xbox One, will I also be able to sign in on the same account on my 360 at the same time? You’ll be able to be signed on with the same gamertag on both an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One console at the same time.

Say someone is using the Xbox One in the living room and I'm playing my 360 in my bedroom. However, like today, you can only be signed into one Xbox 360 and one Xbox One at a time.

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